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blufive's Journal

25 May
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I grew up near Portsmouth and later in Newbury, before coming to Manchester to go to university, where I met Cal. We both decided to stay put in Manchester, and we're still here.

I work in Stockport as a computer programmer, read SF, go to conventions, play computer games and generally enthuse at people about web standards.

I'm using this journal to wibble on about anything I find interesting. Sometimes it's gonna be serious, sometimes frivolous, occasionally well-researched, with the odd bit of total bollocks (not that I ever talk rubbish, oh no-sirree, bob).

I write about web browser statistics and demographics fairly frequently, but after about October 2004, such posts are now over at stats_weenie.

I edit the annual fanzine of FONT, a Manchester-based pub SF group, and also maintain the FONTzine website.